Finalise your bespoke stationery with hand-addressed envelopes


Modern script for the modern romantics

We offer a wide range of envelope and ink colours for hand addressed envelopes. Not only each envelope is uniquely address to each recipient, but it also allows you to continue the wedding colour scheme by offering the use of dark colour envelopes (achieved by using light or metallic inks).


Classic script for the tradition lovers

This calligraphy style is perfect for regal stately home weddings and the hand addressed envelopes will create the luxurious feel of your event right from the moment the recipient holds the letter in their hands. Don't forget that through the use of light and metallic inks, hand addressed envelopes can be of dark shades - navy, burgundy, black etc.


Luxury envelope liners

We can accommodate bespoke bespoke requests for luxury liner patterns as well as bespoke illustrations crafter for the envelope size and shape.


Seal the love

Finish your envelopes with a wax seal in your chosen colour and wax seal face. Bespoke monogram seal faces available upon request.


Return Address

Don't forget about your return address - this can be handwritten on the back of your envelope. For light colour envelopes this can be printed. 


Vintage and bespoke stamps

As a part of our romantic and vintage love, we can finish your envelopes with vintage stamps (remember that actual postage stamps are still required). 

We can also design your bespoke stamps and order with Royal Mail, please note that there is a bespoke service cost associated with this and price per postage stamp will be considerably higher.